The company

We are a transport and logistics company and we serve all Brazil and Mercosur.

We have our headquarters in the city of Rio de Janeiro and our office in São Paulo. They are more than 20 years in the market.
We are pioneers in articulated equipment for transport of container and cargo Seca.
The first to insert articulated vehicles on the main highways of Brazil.

We offer modern machinery and equipment (national and imported), to carry various types of special and surplus cargo, a state-of-the-art system (tracked 24h a day and satellite), experienced and highly qualified professionals to provide the best service and services to our customers.

We carry the most varied types of cargo, including dangerous cargoes: radioactive, chemical, explosive, cargoes that require authorization from ANVISA.
We carry out transports under the DTA regime and we have accreditation in ports and airports throughout the national territory and Mercosur.

We provide services in the areas:

- General cargo transport including dangerous, heavy, super heavy, special and surplus cargo
- Container storage
- General Warehouse (loose load)
- Container Terminal
- Moving, Lifting and Removal of Loads;
- Rental of: Cranes, Forklifts, Munck, Loader; Backhoe, Sweeper, Steelbro, platform;
- Redex.
- OTM (Multimodal Transport Operator)

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The Tranziran

Evolve always. Tranziran is a constantly changing company that seeks to innovate to meet the needs of an increasingly competitive market.